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Top 10 Pics of the Week: August 7, 2015

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Last week, a combination of rustic brick walls and American muscle came together in a beautiful composition of raw power, winning the readers’ choice poll in our weekly Top 10 Pics of the Week contest.

This week, we have a wide variety of stunning combinations, ranging from classic Italian and German creations at waterfronts, on golf courses and drifting through damp conditions. We have brand new automobiles from the world’s top marques, healthy doses of nature and industrial symmetry. But, most importantly, we have images captured by some of the world’s most talented people to ever hold a camera. These are the top 10 pics sent to us over this past week, compiled for you to enjoy.

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Take a moment to look through the selections below, and vote for your favorite at the poll at the bottom. When you’re finished, find each photographer on Facebook by clicking their name, and be sure to give them a like to see more of their work. If you’d like to submit a photo for next week’s contest, post a photo and your official photographer’s page to our Facebook wall at: Facebook.com/duPontREGISTRYAutos.

1. Marbella Luxury Garage


2. Street Regal Photography


3. MBekker Photography


4. WRP Automotive Photography and Drawing


5. Grzegorz Ciźla o samochodach


6. Sean Taghipoor Photography


7. MR Photography


8. SSSZ-Photography


9. Carsnco


10. Torqueshots


Top 10 Automotive Pics of the Week - August 7, 2015

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