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Top 10 Pics of the Week: August 14, 2015

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From parking lots, to fine hotels, to the tops of mountains and centers of racetracks, automotive photographers from around the world managed to find the spots where the world’s finest cars could be captured at unique and rare moments, and a few of those photographers shared the result of their work with us this past week.

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Below are the top 10 photos submitted to our Facebook page that stood out far beyond the rest, not just for the remarkable subjects of each photo, but for how the background plays into the car’s appearance, how the image is framed, how the colors blend and complement a little too perfectly. Check them out, give your favorite photographers a “like” on Facebook by clicking their name and vote for your favorite image in the poll at the bottom.

If you’d like to submit a photo for next week’s contest, post a photo and your official photographer’s page to our Facebook wall at: Facebook.com/duPontREGISTRYAutos.

1. Julien Carette Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (7)

2. Torqueshots

top-pics-week-081415 (4)

3. Street Regal Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (5)

4. CarsByCasper

top-pics-week-081415 (6)

5. A1 Exotics / C Squared Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (3)

6. Sebastiaan Doyer Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (9)

7. Auto Spot Haus 车界论坛

top-pics-week-081415 (2)

8. Russell McKellar – Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (1)

9. Sjm Photography

top-pics-week-081415 (8)

10. CarsByCasper

top-pics-week-081415 (10)

Top 10 Automotive Pics of the Week - August 14, 2015

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