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Top 5 Automotive Pranks

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It’s a rare event when luxury cars become a laughing matter, but these following five YouTubers managed to pull it off.

In honor of the day most people dread, we’ve compiled some of our favorite automotive pranks that the internet has to offer. From stealing the tires of unsuspecting people to catching strangers off guard with death-defying drifting abilities, these fans of April fools will show you how to add a little humor into an industry focused on power, agility and performance.

Can you think of any that we missed? Share your favorite pranks with us in the comments below.

Legal Street Racing

What happens when your car looks and sounds fast, but the performance just doesn’t keep up?

Uploaded Aug. 18, 2014 by RomanAtwood

Dude, Your Car’s On Fire. No, Literally.

With a little help from an iPhone app, these luxury cars become hotter than they already are.

Uploaded Nov. 13, 2014 by Dennis Roady Deeds

Mustang “Speed Dating”

A blind date takes a turn for the worse when something happens that these guys just did not see coming.

Uploaded Feb. 6 by Ford Today

Stealing Car Tires

Linger in a store for a little too long, and these guys might just make off with your fifth tire.

Uploaded Aug. 14, 2014 by RomanAtwood

Fast & Furious Driving Student

This student is actually a professional drifter, but her instructors don’t know that…

Uploaded March 24 by

(Source: YouTube)

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