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Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars at

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Sound is very important to automotive enthusiasts. Whether we are listening to our music on a finely tuned audio system inside our cars, or drowning out the world with the sound of our car’s exhaust system, we are highly aware of sound quality and its necessity.

With such a passion for sound, it’s no wonder that many automotive enthusiasts also enjoy creating their own music, and that many musicians enjoy their cars. Famous musicians have shown their love for the automobile, such as Elvis Presley with his BMW507, Deadmau5 and his newly ordered McLaren P1 and Jamiroquai through his green LaFerrari.

And while we may focus primarily the finer aspects of the automotive industry, it’s about time we look at the music industry. Below are ten of the most expensive guitars at, seller of music instruments and pro audio.

1) Gibson Custom Collector’s Choice #9 Vic DaPra 1959 Les Paul Les Paul (9-0850) aka “Believer Burst”


Buy Now – $13,5000

2) Gibson Custom Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul – Reverseburst, Aged/Signed


Buy Now – $13,333

3) Gibson Custom Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst ’59 Les Paul – Washed Cherry – Aged


Buy Now – $10,999

4) PRS Private Stock Brazilian Custom 24 – Black Cherry Glow


Buy Now – $10,719

5) Taylor Grand Auditorium Custom 6 & 12-string Sister Set – AA Walnut


Buy Now – $10,581

6) Gibson Custom Joe Bonamassa “Skinnerburst” 1959 Les Paul Standard – Dirty Lemon, Aged


Buy Now – $13,332

7) PRS Private Stock Paul’s Guitar LTD – Purple Mist


Buy Now – $10,000

8) PRS Private Stock Custom 24 – Black Cherry Glow


Buy Now – $9,359

9) PRS Private Stock Custom 24 – Goldstorm


Buy Now – $9,359

10) PRS Private Stock Violin II with 24 frets – Tiger Eye


Buy Now – $9,289

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