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Top 10 Concept Cars of 2015

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1. Bentley EXP 10 Speed Six (Pictured Above): With strong influences from the Continental, the EXP 10 Speed Six breathes new life into the storied brand. They weren’t content with a simple re-skin of their best selling coupe so design and engineering were given a clean sheet to work from. The result is a smaller and sleeker grand tourer that hints of future luxuries. A large touch screen dominates the center stack, flanked by multi-colored, hand stitched hides. Instrumentation also has a modern touch, with a digital display replacing the traditional gauges. Rumors of a production model packing a hybrid drive-train have been circulating so we hope that a production model isn’t far off.


2. Lincoln Continental: Production of the new Lincoln Continental has been confirmed for the near future, and we’re itching with anticipation. If you haven’t driven anything powered by Ford’s EcoBoost V6, you’re doing yourself a disservice. This twin-turbo sedan will arrive with more than enough power and amenities to level up their luxury brand. Reclining rear seats compliment polished aluminum and acres of leather.

Aston Martin DBX Concept

3. Aston Martin DBX: To examine a more practical sports car, Aston-Martin developed the DBX. The X is experimental, as it is a test bed for a host of new technologies. A KERS system stores electrical energy in a mild hybrid system to power the drive-by-wire system and other unique features. The rear view mirrors have been replaced by cameras, and the window glass dims automatically. A dramatic ride height allows for easy entry and possible off road adventures.


4. BMW eRR Electric Supersport: Not a car, but definitely a worthy concept. BMW’s Motorrad brings with it many advances to the world of motorcycles. In their latest development, the chassis of the S 1000 RR was electrified and transformed into the eRR Electric Supersport concept bike. The electric motor delivers 199 hp at any rpm, so make sure your rotator cuffs are up to the challenge.


5. Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA: Big sedans aren’t known for smooth airflow so Mercedes-Benz spent countless hours of engineering to deliver a full-size car with a 0.19 coefficient of drag. The Concept IAA, or Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile uses several moving spoilers among other surfaces that continually work to eliminate turbulence. Smooth air equals less resistance, which plays a major part in fuel economy. Powered by a plug-in hybrid drive-train, IAA has the potential to be the greenest sedan in Europe.

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, a concept supercar developed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital Inc., the creators of the racing video game Gran Turismo for PlayStation, is certain to further increase Nissan's sizable presence in the game and beyond.

6. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo: There’s no denying that the GTR has been a resounding success for Nissan, but its styling is becoming long in the tooth. That’s why we hope the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is a preview of things to come. The first concept to be released virtually, it’s a force to be reckoned with on the tracks of Sony’s Grand Turismo 6.


7. Honda Project 2&4: Honda’s motorcycle division builds some of the most efficient engines in the world, and that’s why they built the Project 2&4 as homage to their Formula 1 racers of the past. With only one seat that floats inches above the pavement, this minimalist masterpiece is powered by a 999 cc V4 that spins to 14,000 rpm. Under 900 lbs and over 200 hp make for painful acceleration so get your helmet and gloves ready.

Bugatti Vision GT
Bugatti Vision GT

8. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo: The big news in the world of quad-turbo motoring is Bugatti’s upcoming Chiron, but if you can’t wait to place your order take a spin in the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. Built to compete on the tracks of Grand Turismo 6, this masterpiece combines historical cues with a glimpse of the future. Spy shots of the Chiron show that this concept car is the basis for the Veyron’s successor.


9. Porsche Mission E: Electric sedans are here to stay so Porsche decided to raise the bar with their Mission E. With 800 volts on tap, 600 hp are available for a range of over 500 km. Porsche also claims that a charge of 80% is achieved in under 15 minutes, which means the Mission E has the potential to shock the world. What’s more, the Mission E is going into production as the first fully electric Porsche. Ever.


10. Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket: Galpin Auto Sports has built a reputation for building the wildest Mustangs on the market so they turned to Henrik Fisker to style their latest creation: the Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket. We caught a firsthand glimpse on the lawn at Pebble Beach surrounded by a mob of shocked onlookers. The Galpin Rocket sports 725 hp and a coach built body. Convertible lovers will appreciate that the rear seats are replaced by a speedster tonneau cover. Mr. duPont has an affinity for Galpin Speedsters so let’s hope he adds one to the collection.