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Pagani Huayra


pagani-huayra option 2

According to Pagani the interior of the Huayra “transports occupants to a new dimension”. A pretty accurate description for a strikingly luxurious interior refined to the point of elegance. It stays true to the Pagani look with exposed machined aluminum details. The leather is produced by Gruppo Dani. Based on the clients taste, specific colors and textures can be created, with the guarantee that identical spares can be reproduced. Since each order is custom, the leather is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure durability and quality, before it can be used. Even the centrally located multifunction display ensures quality as it switches from entertainment to sport mode with the vehicle to provide constant performance updates

Price: $1.5 Million

Interior Materials: Custom Gruppo Dani Leather

Sportscars For Sale



Lykan Hypersport


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Saudi Arabian company W Motors has landed themselves on our list thanks to their one a of a kind Lykan Hyper sport. For starters the interior will come lined in diamonds, gold or platinum, but it’s likely that clients will be able to select all three. Also part of the interior will be a hand selected precious stone, picked by the client, and integrated into the console. But underneath all that glitz and glamor is one mean looking design scheme. Reminiscent of the Bat Mobile, the Lykan Hypersport has sharp edges and plenty of attitude, it even boasts the same blacked out features.

Price: $3.4 Million

Interior Materials: Leather, Gold, Diamonds, Platinum



Spyker C8-Aileron

spyker 1

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Spyker 2

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For starters, this interior of the Spyker C-8 Aileron no longer goes by that name, is has been aptly named ‘The Cockpit’. Using only the finest Hulshof leather and aluminum Spyker has managed to reduce the use of plastic to almost zero. Adhering to its aero plane inspiration the ignition for this sport car is not controlled by a key, instead a switch complete with a red cover and reassuring ‘clack’ lights up the dashboard. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, the interior is also fully customizable with options like an aluminum fascia dashboard, chronoswiss switches and dials, and custom stitching. Last but not least, the Cockpit has been given a laminated glass roof creating a light an ‘airy’ feel, no pun intended.

Price: $3.4 Million

Interior Materials: Hulshof leather, aluminum



Lamborghini Egoista


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Lamborghini has provided us with yet another stunning supercar inspired by aviation. The Egoista pulls its design straight from that of the Apache Helicopter. In their press release Lamborghini described their cockpit as “functionality taken to the extreme”. Like a fighter jet straight out of Top Gun instruments have been kept to a bare minimum with the focal point being the heads-up display. Even entry into and exit from this vehicle required fighter pilot like skill as the driver must remove the steering wheel and perform a series of very specifically outlined steps before their feet can once again meet the ground.  Although one was produced the Egoista is essentially a concept car as that one model was never made available for sale.

Price: N/A

Interior Materials: Carbon fiber, leather, aluminum



Tesla Model S

tesla model s 1

We know what you’re thinking, the Tesla Model S isn’t exactly an exotic car, but it does boast one of luxurious interiors on the market today. That being said, it deserves to be on every top interiors list, no matter the category. Let’s start with the 17″ touch screen. Aside from being chic and modern, there really isn’t much this piece of technology can’t do. When it comes to space this sedan cannot be beat. It comfortably seats 5 adults while the trunk converts from storage to rear facing child seats. Topping just about every list, the Tesla Model S is without a doubt one of, if not the most, luxurious cars of its time.

Interior Materials: Nappa Leather

Price: $62,400 (60 kWh)

$72,400 (85 kWh)



2014 Corevette Sitngray



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The 2014 Corvette features a completely redesigned interior. The team over at Chevrolet sent their designers back to the drawing board to bring you a new and improved 2014 model. The seat features hand stitched Napa leather, making them the softest additions to the vehicle. It comes with two seat options, GT or Competition Sport. Both have increase support and stiller frames however the Competition Sport is built for racing with its deeper bolsters. It may not be quite as luxurious as some of its competitors, but at the end of the day this car is built for the racetrack. But even so, Chevrolet has managed to totally revamp this racing machine to become a surprisingly luxurious sportscar fit for everyday use.

Price: $51,000-$56,000

Interior Materials: Nappa Leather

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2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheel Base



The interior of the Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB does not need much of a description; its name truly defines its quality. The hand-stitched leatherwork requires nine hides which are then stitched together over a two week period. Of course only the highest standard in leather is selected for the intricate and delicate process. The extended wheel base model allows passengers a full 250mm more legroom in the rear seats while the flat floor increases rear passenger space two-fold. It’s a Rolls-Royce so of course the bespoke customizations possibilities are nearly endless. This car is truly designed around comfort; ever last detail is refined to ensure the most pleasurable driving experience for passengers and drivers alike.

Price: $385,000

Interior Materials: Hand Stitched Leather

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2013 Bentley Mulsanne



As is the case with all Bentley models, the Bentley Mulsanne for sale exhibits great attention to detail. They went so far as to choose herds from colder climates to decrease the amount of blemishes on their leather seats.  A continuous wood rail encircles the cabin, giving the interior a warm elegant feel. Both the front and rear seats were designed for comfort as the quilted pattern has been artfully stitched into the leather. An optional bottle cooler can be installed to ensure that the champagne is always the perfect temperature. The rear seats also come in a comfort option compete with airline style, wrap around headrests. Seemingly designed for relaxation the Mulsanne also comes equipped with a wireless hotspot, allowing passengers the opportunity to work or simply browse the internet right from the comfort of their Bentley.

Price: $298,900

Interior Materials: Leather, Custom Trims

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Lexus LFA


This is by far the single most customizable supercar on the market today. Nearly ever piece of fabric, leather and metal is chosen by the drive. The process of designing this supercar starts with a visit from a Lexus professional who carries a valise containing examples of every possible combination of leathers, stitching, and trims. Once the decision is made only the highest quality material are used. This car does a fantastic job of combining form with function. Everything in the Lexus LFA is truly designed around the driver.

Price: $375,000

Interior Materials: Fully Customized Leather and Trims

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Aston Martin One-77

aston-martin-one-77 2

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aston-martin-one-77-Interior 1

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Sticking their racing roots, Aston Martin has given the One-77 a striking interior design by exposing just enough carbon fiber to make it edgy yet comfortable. The leather seats have been given a unique stitching design to express their luxurious side, even though their entire design was built with racing in mind.  Everything inside this car adheres to sleek, seemingly endless lines. With only 77 ever produced you know each one was perfected down to the fibers in the carpeting. Since they’ve all already been produced the interior does not have the same customization features as the rest of the lineup, but it doesn’t seem like any changes really need to be made.  Aston Martin nailed it with the One-77.

Price: $1.4 Million

Interior Materials: Carbon Fiber, Leather

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