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Top 10 Roads to Test Your Car’s Limits

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In the span of a car’s life, it usually never gets its chance to prove what it is truly made of. Its life is typically spent on a highway, city roads or residential roads. Why not test what your car is truly made of? Do you know its top speed? How safe it truly is? How it handles around fast corners? Here are some places you can take your car to see what your automobile is really made of.  (Autofluence does not, in any way, encourage reckless driving on any road. This includes drifting, speeding and, of course, crashing. Always comply with local traffic regulations when behind the wheel.)

Nardo Ring

Nardo Ring Top Speed Testing (Source: NASA)
(Source: NASA)

Where can I drive my car fast?

Everyone wants to test the top speed of their car, and there is no better place to figure it out than at the Nardo Ring. I’ts a 7.8-mile long track that is 53 ft wide. What makes the Nardo Ring interesting is that it has “neutral speeds” for each lane, where the car can drive at a designated speed and not have to turn the steering wheel, thanks to the track’s banking. For example, a driver in the outermost lane can travel at 149 mph without having to turn the steering wheel. Staying within the law, this is the best place to speed legally.

Our Car of Choice: Bugatti Chiron

The Dragon’s Tail

tailofthedragon This stretch of road in Tennessee/North Carolina is world-renowned for being one of the most exciting stretches of road, but also one of the deadliest.  Through the 11 miles of road, the Dragon’s Tail has a 1,085-foot change in elevation and 318 curves. Sadly, there have been 30 recorded deaths on this road since the year 2000. On this road, you would, hypothetically, be able to test your cars handling, power and, if necessary, safety features.

Our Car of Choice: Porsche 930 – 1987 911 Turbo 

Nihon Romantic Highway

(Source: Google Maps)
(Source: Google Maps)

Have you ever wondered why Japan is so enthusiastic about drifting? It’s because they are surrounded by magnificent roads, like the Nihon Romantic Highway. Don’t let the name fool you; the only romantic thing about this road is the connection you will feel between you and your car as you drift around the hairpin corners. On this road, you would, hypothetically, be able to truly test the handling of your car and your drifting skills. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.

Our Car of Choice: 2018 Acura NSX

California State Route 243

243 State Route 243, or Esperanza Firefighters Memorial Highway, is an incredibly scenic 30-mile road that runs from Banning to Idyllwild in Southern California. This road was actually where our Managing Editor, Caitlin Duffy, learned to drive. She recalls the twists and turns that are visible from the satellite imagery, as well as spans of straight road, making it a perfect road to, again, hypothetically, test the power of your exotic car.

Our Car of Choice: Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder

Pan-American Highway

(Source: Wikipedia)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Want to know how tough your vehicle really is? Sure, automakers may test their car in intense conditions, but would it last the entirety of the Pan-American Highway? This incredibly long highway reaches from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina. In the road’s 30,000 mile journey, it passes through 19 countries. If you have ever wondered about your car’s efficiency or durability, try a trip down the Pan-American Highway.

Our Car of Choice: Mercedes Sprinter


Everyone has heard of the Autobahn and knows it as “that road in Germany with no speed limit.” This motorway system has no general speed limit, but there are certain areas that do, in fact, have a speed limit. For the other stretches of road where there is no limit, you can, hypothetically, travel at any speed you wish, making it a great place to test your cars top speed, if traffic permits. Watch the above video to see two Lamborghinis playing on the Autobahn.

Our Car of Choice: Mercedes AMG GTR


Fiorano Circuit

(Source: InsideFerrari / Twitter)
(Source: InsideFerrari / Twitter)

Do you ever wonder how Ferrari makes such incredible cars? Well, we can at least tell you that their cars are each tested on this very track. Yes, the famous Fiorano Circuit, privately owned by Ferrari, is known worldwide as the testing place for each Ferrari model and is where many new Ferraris can be spied as they are being taken through their paces. The circuit has a length of 1.86 miles, and the fastest speed an F1 car has ever reach on the track is 180 mph. If you want to see if your car is on par with a Ferrari, take it to the Fiorano Circuit.

Our Car of Choice: Ferrari LaFerrari

San Bernardino Pass

sb-pass-combine San Bernardino Pass is regarded as one of the greatest driving roads in the entire world. Top Gear even included this route as they searched for the best driving road in the world. Being endorsed by Top Gear is a feat that this Swiss Alp road should be proud of. Here, you will test your cars handling and much more, but be sure to pay attention to the road in front of you, and not the stunning scenery.

Our Car of Choice: Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster

Halsema Highway


 The Halsema Highway is one of the ten most dangerous roads in the world, but at the same time is incredibly gorgeous and features some great driving. Unfortunately, to get to these stretches of amazing twists and turns, you will have to endure an incredibly unkempt road system. Parts of the road literally fall off the mountainside and slippery conditions are frequent. If you have ever wanted to test your car’s safety features, traction control and handling all in one place, Halsema Highway is a (un)safe bet.

Our Car of Choice: Maserati GranTurismo Convertible MC



Does anything really need to be said about Nurburgring that hasn’t been said before? Nowhere else will you find such an incredible strip of road. Looking for some sharp corners? Long straights? Whatever you are looking for, Nurburgring has it. It’s no wonder automakers from around the world bring their new cars here to test their capabilities.

Our Car of Choice: Porsche 911 GT3 RS