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American 4x4s That Have Seen Wars

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On this Veteran’s Day, we ask that each and every one of you take a moment to thank the men and women of our armed forces for the sacrifice they make every day. In remembering the bravest of our country, it’s important to remember every aspect of their duty and commitment to our country. In honor of that memory, we at Autofluence and the duPont REGISTRY would like to walk you through some of the American 4x4s that have seen wars.

King Armored Car 4×2 Fighting Vehicle (1916)


The first armored vehicle utilized by American military forces, specifically, utilized by the Marines. A lack of qualified mechanics, scarcity of replacement parts and unreliability kept this model from seeing action during World War 1. Five were used in Haiti and Santo Domingo until 1927; all 8 had been disposed of by 1934.

Manufacturer: Armored Motor Car Company (AMC) – USA

Initial Year of Service: 1916

Production: 8

Crew: 3

Armament: Early models – One .30 caliber Benet Mercier machine gun in turret

Later models – One .30 caliber Lewis machine gun in turret

Engine: V8 liquid-cooled gasoline

Power: Early models – 70 hp

Later models – 79 horsepower

Maximum Speed: 40 mph


Dodge G505 1/2-ton Military Ambulance (1941)


The first of dozens of variants of the WC series designed exclusively for military use in the build-up to America’s involvement in World War 2.

Manufacturer: WC Dodge Brothers Corp.

Initial Year of Service: 1941

Production: 9,500

Crew: 2 + patients

Armament: None

Engine: Octane 4-cycle, 6-cylinder engine

Power: 78 hp

Maximum Speed: 54 mph


Willys MB (Jeep) 4×4 Utility Vehicle (1941)


The most iconic and memorable land vehicle of World War 2.

Manufacturer: Willys Overland

Initial Year of Service: 1941

Production: 354,569

Crew: 1 + 4

Armament: One .303 caliber general purpose machine gun, or one .50 caliber heavy machine gun or One 75 mm Recoilless Rifle

Engine: I4 gasoline

Power: 60 hp

Maximum Speed: 70 mph


T17E1 (Staghound) Armored Car (1942)


Though it didn’t see any combat with the American troops, this World War 2 vehicle was distributed to British and Commonwealth forces through the United Kingdom, where it earned the name “Staghound.”

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Initial Year of Service: 1942

Production: 4,000

Crew: 5

Armament: One 37 mm M6 main gun, One .30 caliber M1919A4 machine gun in coaxial position, one .30 caliber M1919A4 machine gun in bow position, optional .30 caliber M1919A4 machine gun on turret roof for anti-aircraft defense

Engine: Two GMC 270 series engines

Power: 97 hp per engine

Maximum Speed: 55 mph


Ford GTB (G-622) (Burma Jeep) Cargo Hauler / Bomb Service Vehicle (1942)


The Burma Jeep was a vehicle particularly important in assisting the United States reclamation of Burma from the Japanese during World War 2. It was specially designed to withstand the extreme climate conditions on Ledo Road, which would supply allied forces stationed in China.

Manufacturer: Ford

Initial Year of Service: 1942

Production: 15,000

Crew: 2

Armament: None

Engine: G8T 4-cycle, 60cylinder L-Head inline

Power: 90 hp

Maximum Speed: 45 mph


Cadillac Gage Commando Light Armored Car (1963)


Known as the Duck, a nickname picked up during its use in the Vietnam War, the Cadillac Gage Commando is an amphibious armored car that could be outfitted for one of many different roles.

Manufacturer: Textron Marine & Land Systems

Initial Year of Service: 1963

Production: Unavailable

Crew: 3 + 2

Armament: One 20 mm main gun, one 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, one 7.62 mm air defense machine gun, 12 smoke grenade dispensers. Additional options: One 90 mm main gun with two-man turret, two 7.62 mm machine guns, one 81mm mortar, two TOW anti-tank missile system, one 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, one 25mm cannon main gun, one 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

Engine: V-504 V8 turbocharged diesel

Power: 202 hp

Maximum Speed: 62 mph


Kaiser-Jeep M715 (Five Quarter) 1.25-ton Utility Truck (1967)


The Kaiser-Jeep Five Quarter was produced during the Vietnam war, and saw service in Vietnam, the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and at various European bases.

Manufacturer: Kaiser-Jeep

Initial Year of Service: 1967

Production: 33,000

Crew: 2

Armament: None.

Engine: Tornado inline 6-cylinder

Power: 133 hp

Maximum Speed: 55 mph


HMMWV Avenger 4×4 Air Defense Missile System (1989)


More commonly known as the Humvee, the HMMWV first saw combat in the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama, an event referred to as “Operation Just Cause.”

Manufacturer: AM General

Initial Year of Service: 1989

Production: 55,000

Crew: 2 + 1

Armament: Eight Stinger Surface-to-Air Missiles in two 4-shot launchers, one 12.7 mm M3P heavy machine gun, optional additional 12.7 mm heavy machine gun

Engine: V8 6.2 liter

Power: 150 hp

Maximum Speed: 65 mph


M1117 Guardian ASV Armored Security Vehicle (1999)


An evolution of Cadillac Gage’s Commando from the Vietnam War, the Guardian was first field tested in Kosovo and has since been employed by the Military Police Corps for the war in Iraq.

Manufacturer:  Textron Marine and Land Systems

Initial Year of Service: 1999

Production: 2,945

Crew: 3 + 1

Armament: One 40mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher, one 7.62 mm M24OH general purpose machine gun.

Engine: Cummins 6CTA8.3

Power: 260 hp

Maximum Speed: 62 mph


Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle (2009)


When IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan proved to be too much for the Humvee lines to handle, programs searched for and found a mine resistant vehicle in the Oshkosh M-ATV.

Manufacturer:  Oshkosh Truck Corporation

Initial Year of Service: 2009

Production: 8,079

Crew: 5

Armament: Mission dependant, but can include one 7.62 mm M240 general purpose machine gun, one 40 mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher or one BGM-71 TOW Anti-Take Wire-Guided Missile System on the roof.

Engine: Caterpillar C7 7.2-liter inlin-6 turbodiesel

Power: 370 bhp

Maximum Speed: 65 mph


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