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Top 5 Autofluence Articles – 11/17/2017

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This week was filled with an incredible amount of automotive news. The most impressive news story has to go to Tesla with the unveiling of their new Roadster sports car. However, our fans seemed to love the Pope’s new Lamborghini that he received. Pope Francis will be auctioning this Italian supercar off for charity and will not be using it as a high-speed Popemobile.

I’ve compiled our five most popular articles from the week for everyone, which can be seen below. The articles are arranged by the amount of traffic they garnered, in an ascending order. Check them out and get ready for all the amazing news that’s to come next week.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: Most Powerful ‘Vette Ever Produced

Hennessey Teases New Venom F5 Hypercar Colors

Jon Olsson has the Meanest G-Class, Ever

New Tesla Roadster: Quickest Car in the World

Pope Francis Gets His Own Special Lamborghini