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Top 5 Articles & Listings of the Week: July 31, 2015

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This past week proved to be a week full of Bugattis and races. At least, those are the two topics that circulated like wildfire among our readers, leading to a spot on our list of the most read articles and most visited listings from July 24 to today.

Save for the introduction of a new Ferrari, drag racing dominated four out of five spots, giving us all a chance to watch McLarens, Teslas, Ferraris and even a Volkswagen Passat take to the asphalt with all the power they have. Of course, we would like to remind you that this type of racing should only ever be done on a closed course with professionals supervising the event. We love seeing the result of a pedal pushed to the floor, but we love having everyone staying safe even more.

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Check out our top 5 articles and most visited listings below, and stay with us for more news from the luxury automotive world next week.

Top 5 Articles on Autofluence

McLaren 650S vs Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode


The Tesla Model S P85D’s Insane Mode is all the rage right now, and has been featured in countless videos accelerating in a fittingly insane… Read More

Ferrari 488 Spider Officially Revealed


In a press release issued today, the new Ferrari 488 Spider has been officially unveiled as the… Read More

AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R Hits Quarter Mile in 7.4 Seconds


Every time we watch a video from AMS Performance, we find ourselves comparing their Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R’s quarter-mile times to… Read More

Unlikely Race: VW Passat vs. Ferrari 458 Italia


Passat TDI Wagon. Its name might not sound intimidating, but Volkswagen’s diesel engines can make incredible power when modified. Such is the case when a… Read More

Bugatti Veyron Hits 235.7 mph at Sun Valley Road Rally 2015


Idaho isn’t a state that comes to mind when most people are planning vacations. However, if you’re the type of person who… Read More

Top 5 Listings on duPontREGISTRY.com

2014 Audi RS7 4.0T quattro Prestige

Burr Ridge, Illinois


View Price

2015 McLaren P1

Naples, Florida


View Price

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

Warrensville, Ohio


View Price

2010 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Convertible

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


2014 Bugatti Vitesse Grand Sport

Birch Bay, Washington


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