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Top 10 cars out of production that should be brought back

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duPont REGISTRY’s Facebook followers were asked which car they would like to see back in production after getting the ax.  Some of the responses were questionable.  Who the hell really wants Yugos brought back?  Anyways, here’s the list that you guys voted for.  Which car would you add to the list?


1 ) Lamborghini Miura
2 ) Toyota Supra
3 ) Mazda RX7
4 ) Porsche Carrera GT
8 ) Chevrolet El Camino
To those of you who voted for the NSX, you should probably watch the Avengers movie.  If you stick around until the end, you’ll see the new NSX being driven by Tony Stark.  This space could have been used for something better…
10 ) Toyota MR2