Then and Now

Then and Now: duPont REGISTRY October 1992

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When a car is released to the public, there is no way to predict how much it will be worth years down the road. Will it appreciate and become a legend at the auctions? Or will it depreciate and be long forgotten?

Either way, we are here to provide you with five cars featured in the October 1992 issue of the duPont REGISTRY. Along with these throwback classifieds are these very cars for sale today, with some surprising price differences.

Check them out below and let us know in the comments below if there are any particular cars you would like for us to cover.


Then: $11,000

Now: Click Here


Then: $27,500

Now: Click Here


Then: $16,500

Now: Click Here


Then: $26,900

Now: Click Here


Then: $59,000

Now: Click Here