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St. Louis Auto Detail Protects Aston Martin Vulcan #19

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Presented by St. Louis Auto Detail

Track only or not, Vulcan #19 is truly the most intense ultra-exclusive luxury supercar St. Louis Motorcars has had the pleasure of handing over.
And it’s the only car we’ve ever heard of wherein the owner undertakes a training course [with Aston Martin’s factory race drivers] before he gets behind the carbon fiber/Alcantara/titanium wheel on his own. Aston Martin is one of the six luxury and exotic brands that St. Louis Motorcars offers.

The Vulcan is pure brilliance. It’s perfectly fitting that it shares its name with the Avro Vulcan; an iconic jet bomber piloted by the Royal Air Force between 1956 and 1984. The only thing that could make this Vulcan cooler is if The Stig drove it on Top Gear. Oh wait, he did.

With such incredible styling and craftsmanship, it makes sense to take care of the car in any way possible, especially its exterior. This is why St. Louis Motorcars prefers to have St. Louis Auto Detail apply Ceramic Pro over the entire exterior and other critical components of the car.

Why Ceramic Pro? Synthetic Polymer Sealants are now a 25-year-old technology, This new Nanoceramic coating technology renders them obsolete. Ceramic Pro is now offered in 70 countries by over 4000+ installers and is rapidly becoming the new standard in premium car care. When cured, this product provides a permanent covalent bond to the surface that is a new sacrificial layer on top of the clear coat.

It forms a rigid and flexible glass shield that will protect the car from dirt, brake dust, tar and more. It is unique in the marketplace for its ability to multilayer the base coat (9H) for additional protection that builds a sacrificial layer on top of the paint surface and then is topped with an ultra slick glossy topcoat. As it has a melting point well over 1500* the wheels, brake calipers, engine bay and exhaust can now be protected from oxidation, corrosion and make the wheels extremely easy to clean. If a car with a Ceramic Pro exterior gets a surface scratch or bird dropping both of which are more difficult all it takes is some light polishing to remove the blemish without affecting the perfect paint underneath. Owners report cutting their car washing and drying times in half due to the ultra-slick, hydrophobic surfaces self-cleaning properties and never have to apply wax to the vehicle again.

With the Vulcan being a track-only supercar, it’s bound to see its fair share of abuse. With the combination of clear bra and Ceramic Pro, Vulcan #19 will always remain in pristine condition. Vulcan #19 has an exterior that’s more vibrant than ever thanks to the application of Ceramic Pro by St. Louis Auto Detail.

What’s more, the owner can now drive the car the way it was meant to be driven without having to worry about paint chips or blemishes. Should you have your car coated in Ceramic Pro? Well, if you value your investment, whether owning a collection or just one car that you love, Ceramic Pro will protect like nothing else on the market.

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