458 Photographer's Perspective

Tanner Mashburn’s Fiery Ferrari 458 Photoshoot

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The following article was provided by Tanner Mashburn of TMash Photos.

The first time I saw a photo using the fire technique it had the caption “No photoshop used.” I did not believe it and had no clue how something like this was possible straight from the camera. I researched it and began to understand the technique. To make this effect you have to drag the shutter and figure out a way to get a fire moving behind the car. I looked into it off and on for several months only to believe there was no way to do it while keeping the car safe from the fire and without spending a lot of money.

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Finally I found a way. Kevlar rope is the key to doing this kind of camera effect safely. Soaking the rope in kerosine (NOT gasoline) for around 10 minutes allows it to burn in a controlled way. As you can see in the 458 photo, simply attach the rope to a long pole, light the rope on fire, set the shutter to drag for around 10 seconds or so, then walk behind the car. The results vary in almost every shot and the rope should be on fire long enough for several attempts. The rope will eventually stop burning but as a safety measure it is smart to bring a large, soaked towel to cover the rope and stop the fire immediately.

If you follow these steps the results will be amazing and, like mentioned above, use no photoshop!



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