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Photographer’s Perspective: Tanner Mashburn & Fidelity Motors

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Usually I have about 4 to 5 hours to shoot one car. That gives me tons of time to get every shot I want and take the car to several different locations. However, what happens when you have to shoot 3 cars in about that same amount of time? The afternoon sun is setting quickly and you have to get the cars shot in front of incredible backgrounds before the sun sets. That was the scenario I faced when Fidelity Motors in Nashville asked me to shoot their Ferrari 360 Modena, 360 Spider and Bentley GTC.

Choosing a location for each car can be tough when time is limited and you are forced to choose only one or two locations that perfectly fit each car. The first car I shot was the Ferrari 360 Spider. This car was the most important of the bunch due to its rare color (Grigio Ingrid). I choose a rocky background to match the color for the first location. Then I choose a spot I have used before overlooking the city of Nashville. Although I have used this spot several times I think this 360 Spider fit it best. After shooting the 360 Spider I moved on to the Bentley GTC. Due to it being black I wanted a “dark” feeling to the photo so I put it in front of a black gothic-looking gate (my favorite background).

The last car was a black Ferrari 360 Modena. It was getting late in the afternoon and the background I had chose for the car was closed off. I had to improvise and decided to park it next to a train that had just pulled up. I also used a tunnel as a background but was rushed due to the traffic. After all of the on location shots were done the day was over and I took a decent amount of photos at the dealership’s photo studio. All together it was a great shoot and although it was rushed I think the results could not have been better. When you are pushed for time the results usually come out the best because you know that every shot counts.

Article and pictures by: Tanner Mashburn

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