918 Spyder Photographer's Perspective

Porsche 918 Spyder on the Track

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Article and Photos by Tanner Mashburn, TMashPhotos

When I was told I would get to shoot one of the newest hypercars on the day it was delivered, I was very excited, to say the least. The shoot for this Porsche 918 Spyder, though, would be different from most.

I had the job of documenting the new owner’s delivery experience while having very limited time to get some incredible shots on the track at Barber Motorsports Park. With such a small amount of time to get the shots I knew would impress, I had to start planning ahead of time. To do this I had to get an idea of the track layout in my head. With this plan I could set up different shots at different points on the track and make sure no time was wasted.

DSC_2495 copy

Once we set off I was a passenger in a chase car, my driver communicating via radio with the 918’s driver. I was able to tell him exactly where I needed to be while he spoke to the driver of the 918, moving closer or further back. Although it seems the car has some speed in the photos, the vast majority of these shots took place around only 30-40 mph.

DSC_2404 copy

With the help of the driver I was able to navigate around the 918 to get various angles and the certain amount of distance I wanted for each turn of the track. Once we got to the back straight of the track I had us stop so I could get some shots of the car turned on the track, along with several other angles, including a simple shot of the rear that happened to be one of my favorites.

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After this we took the car back and its new owner enjoyed some track time in other Porsches at Barber Motorsports Park. While the 918 was parked in a pit lane I was able to get some more shots, as well as some important detail shots to finish the set. Even though it would have been great to have more time with this car, it is very satisfying to have a challenge like this and still come out with a great set of images that not only impress the owner, but myself.


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