Photographer's Perspective

Photographer’s Perspective: Taylor Smith and Rocksmith Creative present Underground Racing’s Lamborghini Gallardo

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In the studio they wanted to show off the elegance and minor details.  “ Most people

associate Lamborghini with speed and power but I wanted to slow things down, at least

for the time being.” Taylor Smith


Dustin Lane (DOP) shot the commercial on the Canon C300 with L series lenses. A

Dana Dolly on 6ft rails was used to achieve the pans across the vehicle.

After a few hours after keeping her locked up in the studio for awhile the tables turned.

The production moved outside to show the true power of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Pre-production

was key for this shoot to keep the cars and crew safe. Rocksmith was lucky enough to

find a 20mile stretch of interstate that had not been opened yet. This allowed them to

run high speeds without any other cars around. The Lamborghini was using racing fuel

for the first time increasing the HP by 300! If having 1,200 hp Lamborghini was not

enough we also had a Ford GT running along side of it for good measure. Remote

control Quad Helicopters were used to Carry a Canon 5D above the Natchez Trace

Bridge. Its always a bit nerve racking watching one of your cameras hovering over a

200ft bridge but we got the shot! Many people were apart of this shoot and I cant thank

them enough for all of the hard work that went into making this spot.


Taylor Smith is a music video and commercial director based out of Nashville TN. His

new company Rocksmith Creative recently teamed up for a passion project to

showcase Underground Racing and capture the beauty of this UGR Lamborghini



For more information visit Rocksmith Creative