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Photographer’s Perspective: Mansory Veyron by Effspot

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From what I’ve gathered from friends and people at Mansory, this car is named the Vincero d’Oro.  It is different from the Linea Vincero d’Oro.  They are two separate cars.  Three Linea Vincero d’Oro were made starting from 2008 and they started making the Vincero d’Oro in 2009.  This particular Vincero d’Oro Mansory Veyron used to be owned by Ben Chen, one of the Goldrush Rally founders.  It used to be matte white, went on the goldrush 2012 run and the previous years Monterey Car week 2011.  After he sold it, whoever picked it up sent it to Germany to have it redone.  Everything was done within 2-3 months and it was literally shipped back at LAX yesterday ( Saturday).  The owner and friends said we can expect to see the car a lot more in Beverly Hills too!

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My settings for the shot:

Settings: 1/50, F4.0, 50mm, ISO 6400


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