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Photographer’s Perspective: Hexaventador by Derek Walker

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I was recently asked if I’m obsessed to the core with Aventadors, or if I just have crazy access to shoot them. I guess the answer would be both. Lamborghini has been, for as long as I can remember, my favorite car brand. They’re just plain crazy machines that boast sleek and bold curves as well as an exhaust note from the heavens. What’s not to love? And the Aventador happens to embody all of these traits beautifully.  I also happen to know a few people who own these beasts and enjoy a good photo shoot or three.

The idea behind Hexaventador was the same idea behind Quadventador: to outdo myself. Why shoot three Aventadors when you can shoot four? And why shoot four when you can shoot six? And all six of the owners happen to be super nice, down to earth guys with a common passion for cars. A big thanks goes to Phil, the owner of the Arancio Argos Aventador; try saying that 10 times fast. He got us into the private airfield to shoot in a hangar with our own security escort. It’s amazing how welcoming people can be when you bring $3 million worth of Italian motoring magnificence along with you. Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday?

The cars themselves are extremely impressive, practically breathtaking, so they fit right in with the more than $100 million worth of aviation alongside. Soon after we started taking photos of the luxurious lineup, it was pointed out that not only do we have the perfect colors to create an American flag shot, but also the perfect colors for the Italian flag. As you can see, the results are very patriotic.


As the day went on, we drove around to a few other locations with no shortage of cell phone pictures being taken at every turn. Although these spots didn’t work out as we had hoped, nothing can diminish the pure awesomeness that had taken place at the hangar. The location idea may not have been original to us, but I believe we put a colorful twist on it. You can’t go wrong when you have 4,200 hp worth of Lamborghini to shoot with.

A big thanks goes out to Robert and Heather who were running around all day taking behind-the-scenes video; definitely keep an eye out for that. Also, a most important thanks to Phil, William, Roger, Miguel, Mark and finally Olivier, who was kind enough to drive me around all day in his beautiful Grigio Estoque Aventador. The whole day was filled with gorgeous cars and great friends. It was awesome to catch up with some fellow photographers and enjoy the beautiful weather in New York. The next event should be a record breaker, keep an eye out.


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