Photographer's Perspective

Photographer’s Perspective: Bugatti Veyron by Effspot

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There isn’t much of a story other than the guy who drives this car visits this particular restaurant often and the lighting is extremely poor.  There are always cars behind the Bugatti Veyron so the shot was a little difficult to achieve due to the vehicle’s blinding lights.  I usually have to wait out a lot of the passerbys taking pictures, random cars pulling next or in front of the car, etc.   I try to time my shot to get some cool light trails in the back when a car passes by too.  I use a tripod and a wireless remote to ensure I don’t get any blurry pictures.  I mainly use Lightroom to do all my editing, all night photography pictures require some editing so I shoot in RAW mode to ensure I have full control of the editing process.

Camera Settings: 28mm, 8 sec, F6.3, ISO 200
Camera/Lens used: Canon 5D Mark III w/ 24-105mm F.4 lens
Location: Beverly Hills

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