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Photographer’s Perspective: Pagani Zonda Tricolore Edition by Melanie Meder

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Article and Images Provided by Melanie Meder Photography

This is one of my favorite shots. Aside from the fact that this is a Pagani Zonda Tricolore Edition 1/3, it’s also the first Zonda I’ve had the chance to sit inside. I got to hear its sound, smell its smoking tires and see the roads become an indefinable blur because of its cruel acceleration.

You know that special moment when you step inside a hypercar the very first time? It’s something sacramental and you’ll never ever forget that moment. You’ll also remember the seconds when you step outside, slap-happy and completely blown away with a big big smile on your face. But let’s begin at the very beginning.

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I got to know this beauty on the 10th Vanishing Point that summer, the famous Pagani-meeting of “Pagani Automobili”  in Europe. During Vanishing Point I got to know Tim (@tim0456 on Instagram), the kind owner of the Tricolore who gave a few people  a ride at the end of that awesome meeting. When it was my turn I had already smelled the burnt fuel and I saw and heard it speeding. But of course, standing outside and sitting in the passenger seat are just not the same.


So when I conquered the passenger seat I became shaky. Nervous. Exuberant. After the acceleration, even a little bit scared. It was a mix and a flush of emotions I can’t explain or describe, but it felt awesome. So much adrenaline, so much noise and so much power; it was unbelievable! A V12 in my back, goose bumps all over my skin and blurry roads told me, “Yes, Melanie, this is heaven!”

So, back to the picture. It was taken in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, in front of the casino. It was a warm, calm August evening. The Tricolore 1/3 was parked, quiet, and I wasn’t sitting inside. But when I stood there, taking that picture, I wasn’t thinking of that parked, quiet car. I thought back to the beast on the roads, the screaming engine sound and the emotions I felt; the first one to show me what a Pagani feels like. Thank you, Tricolore and Tim!

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