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McLaren, Aventador and Veyron Photoshoot by TMashPhotos

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What’s better than a Volcano Red Mclaren MP4-12C Spider? Than a Monterey Blue Lamborghini Aventador Roadster? Than a Bugatti Veyron?

How about having all three of those cars together for a single photo shoot? I recently had the privilege to shoot all three cars, and I can say it was nothing short of amazing.

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It is nearly impossible to capture the true paint colors of the Volcano Red and Monterey Blue on a camera. Luckily I had my polarizer with me, which removed most of the reflections on the paint and boosted the color significantly. The Aventador was the first car I took pictures of. My favorite picture of the Aventador was an overhead shot of the rear that was taken from the owner’s upstairs window.

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The 12C Spider was next to be photographed. The Volcano Red paint looks completely different in almost every shade of light, so to keep the color consistent I took a sampling picture of the paint to use as a reference during editing. No huge adjustments were madem but it was an easy way to keep the photo as accurate as possible. Next I was able to get a group shot of the 12C Spider, Aventador Roadster, and Bugatti Veyron. I was able to get a higher up angle by standing on the back of the owner’s Ford Raptor, which resulted in my favorite shot from the entire shoot.

DSC_1814 copy

Last I took several light painting shots of the Aventador, both exterior and interior. After the photoshoot was done, the photos went through some editing. Some were changed slightly while others were not changed at all. Overall, I was very pleased with this shoot and look forward to hopefully working with these cars more in the future.

DSC_2080 copy
To see the full shoot, follow the link: Aventador Roadster, MP4-12C Spider & Bugatti Veyron Photo Shoot.


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