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“Gotham City” Audi R8 Photoshoot by C3 Photography

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Article and Photos by Cristian Guamanzara (C3 Photography):

A night with a lady in Red.

I met John a while back during a charity event when he had his Lamborghini Gallardo. However. recently, I saw he picked up a Brilliant Red Audi R8. We attempted to schedule a  photoshoot numerous times, but the weather in New York City wasn’t cooperating. The day the shoot took place we actually played it by ear and decided to do the shoot very last minute. I messaged my lighting crew (Pete and Gio) to come out with me to assist me in shooting the car. They agreed without hesitation.

I decided that I wanted to shoot the car with the New York City backdrop and took to one of my favorite locations to shoot it. The cool and foggy night was ideal, as it made the car pop amongst the city’s skyline.

I knew that the best way to capture the vibrant color of this car was to light paint it. So I had my two lighting guys help me with the light set up and starting clicking away to capture multiple exposures. As I previewed the out of camera images, I began to envision how I would edit the shots. Ultimately, I wanted to give them a “Gotham City” feel.

Once I uploaded the images onto my computer, I put on some music, got into my zone and began editing the pics.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Huge thanks to John over at @xtreme631 on Instagram for making this shoot happen!

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