M5 Photographer's Perspective

Frozen White 2013 BMW M5 by Marcel Lech

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Not long ago, we presented to you the “Snowventador” by Marcel Lech Photography. Before that, there was the renowned Arctic-Prepped Bape Aventador. Now, Marcel Lech has completed a photoshoot with a Customized 2013 BMW M5 in Vancouver, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The M5 is a Frozen White M5 color with a 3D Design kit to truly make it stand apart from any other M5 on the street. They’ve also equipped this beautiful supercar with an Eisenmann muffler and wheels from ADV1. We’re certainly impressed; the car looks fantastic, and the shoot is very well done.

Special thanks to Marcel Lech and RiceMoney  for supplying us with the information and fantastic photos.

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