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Ferrari and Lamborghini Hangar Photoshoot by Pepper Yandell

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This was always my dream shoot, ever since I started shooting cars – a big white hangar with incredible cars and private jets, mixing my greatest interests with both automotive and aviation subjects. I finally got around to making it a reality in one of the nicest private hangars in Dallas, Texas, with 3 incredible looking jets.

The client for this particular shoot is one I regularly take photographs for, HRE Performance Wheels. I have to thank Dallas Performance and AutoSource Dallas for providing the 1,400 horsepower Verde Ithica Lamborghini Gallardo, and Starwood Motors for throwing me the keys to a flawless white Ferrari California. I brought along my stunning partner in crime, Misty Romano, to help make everything look just a little bit better.

Heading into this shoot, I wanted go for a unique look not typically seen in these automotive hangar shoots, something dark and dramatic. To achieve that, I had my key grip, Dale Martin Photography, keep the strobes quite close to the cars in order to hit very specific planes and angles of the car’s body lines. I later combined all of the exposures in post-production, along with much needed adjustments of the exposure and color to arrive at the dark moody concept in mind. This process is visible in the quick Photoshop timelapses I included in the video above for a few of the shots.

Thanks to Greg Royar and Ryker Montgomery for shooting the video that I finally found the time to edit together. I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes content of some incredible productions that I have in the works!

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