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Epic McLaren Photoshoot by Sebastiaan Doyer

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My name is Sebastiaan Doyer, and I am a Dutch photographer with a big passion for speed and luxury cars. The last 3 years I tuned up my equipment, acquiring better lenses, a better camera and all the extras.

So far, my biggest experience as a photographer was the April 5 Spring Event, organized by Petrolhead Events, at Weeze Airport in Germany. More than 90 supercars were doing sprints down the runway, circuit racing and making a lot of noise. The best photo of that day featured two Koenigseggs, a CCRX and Artega X. There was a lot of attention around those cars. It was difficult to take a photo without any people in the shot, but it worked. Five minutes of waiting and ‘click,’ there it was.


I thought Spring Event would be the highlight for this year, but myself and two friends, Owen Westerhout and Bart van Oosten, are organizing our own trip to Monaco, Cannes and Paris. We plan to spend the “Tour de Baguette” as seven days of only photographing the best super/hypercars. It is going to begin in June if everything goes according to plan. We hope to make it a success with the best photos and a blog update every day about the adventure.

Now, 3 days after Spring Event, on a normal Thursday when I was at work, a buddy texted me and said a Mclaren 650S had just passed him. He followed and saw them stopping at Lelystad Airport.

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At 2 p.m. I grabbed my camera and raced to the location, and there they were. Three Mclaren 650S’ and two 50th Anniversary Mclaren MP4-12C’s. A local car dealer had picked that location to give potential buyers the chance to test the new Mclaren. Talking with them and taking these photos was a great experience; you can see the final product in the gallery.

Amazingly, this has all happened already in 2014, and we still have 8 months left in the year! What will the rest of this year bring me? Follow all of my experiences on Facebook, or watch my website to find out.

Thank you very much and wish you all the best!


Photos and article by: Seabstiaan Doyer

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