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Then & Now: 1998 Hummer H1

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Twenty years ago, Hummer was at the top of their game. The H1 was the civilian version of the military’s Humvee. It was introduced to the armed forces in 1984 to give the Jeep a well-deserved retirement. Still in production today, it was never meant to be sold to the public. After experiencing the rugged vehicle in person, the Terminator was able to convince AM General to build a street-legal version.

First offered to the public in 1992, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement made it the ultimate accessory for athletes, movie stars, and the private industry. Priced above many luxury 4WDs, dealers sprang up in affluent areas across the country. Hummer was an independent brand until they were purchased by GM in 1999. So looking back through old copies of the magazine, it is funny to see them sold at German and Japanese dealerships.

A quick glance into September of 1998 gives us a good idea of what they sold for back then.


In 1998, a dealer could purchase a 2 door hardtop for $50,958, and the 4 door convertible was $61,279. Adjusted for inflation, this puts the modern equivalent for their most expensive model at $92,733. It is still a value for what you get. The Detroit Diesel engine and TH400 transmission are indestructible. The going rate for a high-mileage ’98 seems to be $45,000:

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If you need something a little newer, this one-owner example can be yours for $99,888

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Production of the H1 ended on a high note. The new Duramax engine was much more powerful, so AM General revised the chassis and suspension to build the H1 Alpha. Only 700 were produced before GM abruptly ended the program, and Hummer1 restores them to showroom condition. Click on the link below to find one that’s right for you, and rest assured you will have the baddest 4×4 on the block.

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