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Custom GM Futurliner Most Expensive Car Hauler

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In the early 1940s, GM built 12 Futurliner buses for the Parade of Progress, however out of the twelve, only nine are known to exist, that is if you count this modified one. Brad Boyajian purchased his third Futurliner to be restored in 2002, except the bus didn’t come with the parts needed to properly restore it.

So rather than tossing it to the side and considering the classic concept a lost cause, he got creative. Boyajian stripped it of the parts he needed for his other Futurliners and transformed it into a car hauler with a 29 foot bed and an inline-six Cummins diesel engine.He also enclosed the loading ramps and customized the cabin by making it tilt to make engine work easier. The newly renovated Futurliner is now being sold for just $1.25 million and can be seen on and Act now to get it first, not only is it the only of its kind with a great story to tell, it will also be the only one built.

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