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Montblanc’s Alfred Hitchcock Pen

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Everyone has heard of Alfred Hitchcock, and most people have seen one of his brilliant movies.  Hitchcock was a master of playing with your mind and leaving you in suspense.  He could draw you into a characters life and make you feel as if they were right there with you.  Hitchcock did this through techniques like camera angles, and storytelling that were very new in his time and are still uncommon in today’s theater.

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To honor the famous director/producer, Montblanc has created the Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition 3000 and Limited Edition 80.  They have many features that honor his works.

-The cap and barrel of this pen have a textured dark precious lacquer that create an effect that is reminiscent of Hitchcock’s “vertigo effect”, which was coined in his movie “Vertigo”.

-The clip of the pen resembles the knife used in the famous shower scene in his movie “Psycho”.

-Notes that were used to identify the original movie reel of  “Psycho” are engraved on the silver rings of the Limited Edition 3000.

-53 hatch marks are on the pen’s cone to symbolize all of the movies he created during his film making career.

– On the solid gold nib of the pen there is a sketching of Hitchcock that was featured in his movie “The Rope”.

If you are die-hard fan of Hitchcock you can get the Limited Edition 80 version which is a “blood” red color instead of a dark gray.  It features a rope that rounds the cap of the pens to symbolize the movie “The Rope”, the rings of the pen are encircled by a stylised roll of celluoid film – a toll he cherished and the pen has 750 gold instead of the 925 silver on the Limited Edition 3000.

The price on the Limited Edition 3000 is around $3095, while the Limited Edition 80 will cost you around $23,800.

(Via – Montblanc)