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Sabine Schmitz: Queen of the ‘Ring

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Cute and courageous, Sabine Schmitz is known as the Queen of the ‘Ring. Schmitz is a professional German motor racing driver for BMW and Porsche. She has gone around the Nurburgring-about 13 miles long–over 20,000 times and at 19-years-old, had the lap record with 8 minutes and 16 seconds in a Ford Sierra Cosworth. She has never crashed a car going around 147 corners and is the first woman to win the 24 Hour Race twice. Schmitz is without a doubt inspirational, free-spirited and loves a thrill. She is known for her appearances on BBC’s Top Gear, including the time she lapped the ‘Ring in a Ford Transit van. In a Porsche 997 RSR, Schmitz set a new lap record for a non-turbocharged car at 7 minutes and 7 seconds. Needless to say, she knows Nurburgring like the back of her hand.

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Sabine grew up in Nurburg, Germany. She first became a big deal when she drove the BMW M5 Ring Taxi. Her company, Sabine Schmitz Motorsport, teaches drivers the advanced aspects of racing and also offers a taxi service for passengers on the ‘Ring. Schmitz has an enormous amount of respect for the track and isn’t intimidated by it’s dangerous corners. “Fear disturbs my concentration,” says Schmitz. “That’s why I stay focused. Having focus clears my mind. I feel like I can accomplish anything.”

On top of her Nurburing accomplishments, Schmitz is also a helicopter pilot and loves scuba diving. She also has her own TV show in Germany called DMotor, similar to Top Gear.

This is one woman who likes to go fast and can go fast with focus, determination, and confidence. She’s likable, sharp and not afraid to live life on the edge of the racetrack.