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Monday Motivation: Magnus Walker the Porsche Outlaw

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Magnus Walker and his collection (Photo by: Magnus Walker Facebook)
Magnus Walker and his collection (Photo by: Magnus Walker Facebook)

“Appearance wise, I’m not your your typical Porsche-looking guy,” says Magnus Walker and we couldn’t agree with him more. On his head is a mess of dreadlocks that are kept under a beanie. His beard is full and long, and easily comparable to ZZ-Top’s great facial hair. His style is a hybrid cross between a bike clad in leather, and a lumberjack donning a flannel jacket. Its easy to see why Magnus doesn’t fit the bill of your typical Porsche enthusiast, but he is no ordinary Porsche enthusiast.

Magnus Walker was born in Sheffield, England in 1967, but made his way to the United States in his teens to start anew. After landing in Detroit, he was quickly en route to California, where the “rocker” scene seemed more fitting for his personality. Once he planted his roots in Los Angeles, he started his own clothing brand, “Serious Clothing”.

1965 Porsche 911 (Photo by:

With the success of his clothing line, Magnus was able to pursue his true passion, the Porsche 911. His passion for the famed German automobile started when he and his father were at a motoring event and he spotted his dream car – a 1977 Porsche Turbo in white with the Martini livery’s red and blue stripe.

His passion led him to a mission – collecting every Porsche 911 from 1964 to 1973. He has been successful in collecting all of these Porsches, even the 1964 which was the first year of the 911, except for the ’73 model. However, his passion has led him from collecting these cars, to instead restoring them.

He dreams at night of what he can do to to a car, and works in his in-house garage all day creating new pieces of art with these classic Porsches being his canvas. His “Outlaw”, or personal restored Porsches, are a product of Magnus’ imagination and passion. He takes pride in knowing that no one can tell him one of his “Outlaws” is wrong, because they essentially creations of his own.

'72 STR 02 (Photo by: Sean Klingelhoefer)
’72 STR 02 (Photo by: Sean Klingelhoefer)

Each of his “Outlaws” are unique in their own way, featuring his own personal touch. He handmakes the leather pull strap, creates louvered engine bay covers, grafted in his turning lights and more. His touches may seem blasphemous to some, but the majority are drawn to his cars.

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From hopping the pond at a young age, to becoming one of the most well known Porsche collectors in the world, Magnus Walker is a perfect example of the American dream. He is an entrepreneur that is using his successes to fuel his true passion, and at the end of the day, isn’t that why we try to be successful? Whether your passion is a Porsche, Ferrari, family or hobby, we all strive to be successful to fuel these passions and Magnus is an example of someone who has done just that.