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Lambrecht 500+ Classic Car Collection Being Auctioned Off

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Lambrecht Chevrolet Company was a ‘mom and pop’ operation in the most honest way. Ray P. Lambrecht and his wife Mildred opened up the dealership after Ray returned from WWII along with Ray’s uncle, Ernest. In order to build this dealership, Ray had to sometimes travel hundreds of miles outside of his town in order to obtain building materials such as cinder blocks and roofing beams due to wartime rationing. Some of the supplies he was able to acquire due to his veteran status.



With his own hands, he built the dealership that still stands to this day.

Ray took over the dealership after two years due to Ernest’s severe illness. He operated the dealership for 50 years, with only ever employing one other person, his mechanic. Ray and Mildred worked six days a week, never taking a day off. They worked diligently and honestly, making sure that everyone was given a fair deal, and a safe car.

After years of operation, Lambrecht Chevrolet became one of the most popular dealers in the country, with Ray selling cars not only nationwide, but globally. And when he sold a car, he made sure that families were put in a safe and reliable car, rather than a used trade-in.  Because of this philosophy, Ray amassed a collection of used cars that were kept on the family farm outside of town, along with new cars that were never sold. Some of these cars include an 1956 Chevrolet Cameo truck with less than 10 miles, a 1963 Chevrolet Impala with less than 10 miles, Chevelles, Corvettes, and much more. Most of these are in “like-new” condition with incredibly low miles and plastic still covering the interior.


The family has decided to auction off this rare collection that are the product of a lifetime of dedication, hard work, tears and joy. The collection of over 500 vehicles will be auctioned off by Van Der Brink Auctions on September 28th & 29th in Pierce, NE. Think of the Lembrecht dealership’s collection as a time capsule for automotive history, and this is the first time it is being opened. This is a once in a lifetime chance to not only see one of the greatest collections of classic cars ever, but also to have a chance to buy a part of history.

Ray Lambrecht has showed us that with you really can achieve success, even in dire times. So next time you think you can’t accomplish something, just remember Ray and his American dream come true.

(Source: Van Der Brink Auctions)

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