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The Beradino: A Story of a Dream

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Every child dreams of owning their favorite car. Whether a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or what have you, there is always that car sitting in the back of the mind, waiting to be obtained.

For Johannes P. Paulussen, he always dreamt of owning his own exotic car, but his father told him at the age of 17, “If you want to have such a car, you will have to build it yourself.”


While most children would be dissuaded by such a remark, Paulussen set out to create his own car.

It didn’t really begin until 1967, when Paulussen began studying Automotive Technology and started designing his car. The sketches he penned drew inspiration from Italian design, but at the heart was German precision.

In 1968, he began the long and arduous task of creating the mold for the car’s body, and then the body itself. He would not be able to piece the car together until 1969, when he could finally sit inside of the car he had dreamt of.


By 1974, a Porsche flat-six engine was installed, wheels were set in place and the car was ready to go. His dream had been realized, and in 1975 the car passed inspection and was able to hit the roads. The Beradino was born: a one-of-a-kind dream car.

Paulussen drove the car until 1992, experiencing daily the dream he had always chased. He took his father’s advice that was given to him at a young age and created his own car.

Unfortunately, in 1992, the car was put into the garage as familial and professional responsibilities took priority. It laid dormant and in hibernation for years to come.


It wasn’t until 2009 that Paulussen pulled the Beradino out and began restoring the car. Two years and 3,000 man hours later, the Beradino had been given life once more.

The Beradino can now be seen roaming from show to show in Europe. However, you may see it in three different ways, as it can be transformed into a hatchback, notchback or a roadster.

If you ever find yourself dreaming about a car that exists, or a car that you have created with your own imagination, remember Paulussen and his dream. While it may take some time to make your dream a reality, the outcome is well worth the effort.


(Image Source: Beradino / Facebook)