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Manny Khoshbin’s Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition: Exotic Car Owners Club

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My wife and I are a big Hermes fans, so when the opportunity to own a Pagani Huayra surfaced, I was eager to spec my Pagani with Hermes. I put a request through my local Hermes store to collaborate with their designers in Paris, even though there were no promises. I even offered to pay the Hermes Director of Design and his team for time and travel expenses for a trip Bologna, Italy to meet with Mr. Pagani and his team to discuss the design possibilities! Thankfully, the bet paid off immensely. One year later and the result is:

A Truly 1/1 Masterpiece co-designed by two TOP companies of highest quality each in their own industry.

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This exact car is one of the last Huayra coupes to be built and it also marks the first time Pagani Automobile has this kind of co-design with a luxury brand such as Hermes.

The Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition is still state of the art of the Pagani Huayra, but with the Tempesta package. This package includes new aerodynamics, suspension, exhaust and larger wheels for better performance and a bolder look.

Leather inside the car has been developed by Hermes specifically for this car, as were the outer aeration grills that feature an H-pattern design. All of the accompanying bags made to measure using same leather as the Huayra’s interior. All this the leather was made by hand in Paris at the Hermes factory with a very close relationship with Pagani. Hey, I even got wifey a little gift, a matching Berkin! Any Pagani is already unique and truly a piece of art but to have it further redefined by Hermes is just well for me a Picasso on wheels!

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