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How To Celebrate National Doughnut Day

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It is Friday, and possibly fryday. It is a day we honor the circular piece of perfection: The Doughnut. If you are on a low-calorie diet, allow us to give you a new recipe. You will need a powerful car along with a general disregard to human safety. Older tires work better, because they are easier to spin. Finally, a performance differential provides a 2-tire fryer instead of a one wheel embarrassment. To celebrate this day, we have compiled 5 examples for you:

Oakland Sideshow

This spectacular series of events happen every weekend, with locations chosen at the last minute to avoid the law. The spot is shared on social media and many amazing cars can be seen

Italian Hybrid Doughnut

The LaFerrari uses electricity and a V12 to send its tires to the afterlife. Props to the driver for allowing this expensive masterpiece to stretch its legs.

Goodwood English Dougnuts

Motoring fans around the world gather at Goodwood for the annual Festival of Speed. It starts on July 4th this year.

Doughnuts Down Under

Australian Doughnuts are much like ours, except the cars spin the opposite way due being in the southern hemisphere. Thankfully this is not an issue because their cars are all Right Hand Drive

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Porsche GT3 Doughnuts

Because it is the only 911 model still available without turbos, the GT3 does it the old-fashioned way: All Motor!

These are the top 5 Doughnuts of the modern era, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t include the most anticipated doughnuts of all time.

20 Years In The Making

Dale Earnhardt had faced every kind of bad luck at the Daytona 500. After trying to win NASCAR’s biggest race for 20 years, he took the checkered flag and was congratulated by members of each pit crew. He then destroyed the infield grass in the black #3.

Tell us which recipe works best for you in the comments below and have a safe weekend!


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