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duPont REGISTRY’s Cars & Coffee with goldRush Rally [Gallery]

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After seven years of early morning meets, the duPont REGISTRY™ Cars & Coffee has evolved into the premier car event in Tampa Bay, FL, and perhaps around the country. Car owners have shipped their cars from different states in order to have their cars shown at the event. An even bigger display of the par excellence comes from this month’s Cars & Coffee.

On June 16, 2012, after months of anticipation, the duPont REGISTRY™ Cars & Coffee was visited by very special guests of the goldRush Rally, better known as gR4 (next year will be gR5). A rally started by Luxury 4 Play, the gR4 consists of 50+ supercars that traveled from luxurious Los Angeles to exotic Miami.

Prior to the event, duPont Publishing, Inc. Founder Tom duPont got the media involved by holding radio interviews which was picked up by the Tampa Bay Times, and other media outlets. Needless to say, the event was poised to be a huge ordeal. What’s more, the industry’s best in luxury and exotic supercars were being stored inside the car museum at the duPont REGISTRY™ headquarters, just to make sure they were guaranteed spots in one of the most unrivaled car meets the area has ever seen.

At daybreak on the day-of, masses of people arrived to gaze at all the amazing cars and to showoff their own pride and joy.  The weather was hot, but this didn’t bother the onlookers as the view around the parking lot was too awesome.  Local dealers and owners filled up the parking lots with hundreds of exotics, luxury cars and supercars.  All of the spots were filled by 7:00 AM, and late-comers were left to fend for parking on the outskirts of the facilities; the only spots that were not taken were those reserved for gR4 that was inbound from Orlando.

When event coordinators got word that gR4 was around the corner, without haste Tom duPont made an announcement and the crowds flocked to the street with their cameras ready. The first cars in the line of supercars were three Bugatti Veyrons.  Not many people get to see a single Veyron in their lives, but at this event there were three on display. Along with the Veyron’s were Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghini’s, a McLaren and many others. Once parked, some of the drivers were even kind enough to let people sit in their cars for pictures.


After staying for over an hour, gR4 drivers got together for a picture with the duPont REGISTRY™ employees and then got into their cars to head out to Miami for their final day of the rally. Their visit was greatly appreciated by not only the duPont REGISTRY™ crew, but also by all of the people who came to appreciate the cars. Afterwards, gR4 founders stated that they had not received such a massive greeting in any other city during their rally. With all the supercars from gR4, plus some rare finds owned by fans (including Randy Irwin’s supercharged 565ci (9.0L) 69 Camaro, a red hot Porsche Carrera GT and a Ford GTX1), this was hands down the “fastest” Cars & Coffee yet. The duPont REGISTRY™ team looks forward to seeing them again when they “Rise Against The Sun” next year for the goldRush Rally 5!

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