American Supercars: From the Owner’s Perspective

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Being competitive in the market for pre-owned sports cars is not easy. In recent years, the big three US automakers have directly and indirectly changed how customers buy and sell their premier models. We hear success stories from our classified sales regularly, but our dealers are often times reticent to share their views on the market.

Sportscars For Sale

When Dodge launched the first generation Viper in 1993, they intentionally limited production to boost demand for the car. One of the first customers to receive their V10 supercar was Marv Rose. He bought it as a daily driver, but he had no way of knowing what was in store for him. By mid 1994, Dodge had a host of celebrity owners, product placements, and even a TV miniseries featuring the car. Demand for the 94 model was just as intense so instead of waiting for delivery, a buyer made Marv an offer he couldn’t refuse. He wasn’t looking to sell the car, but he realized the opportunity.

This first sale was a private transaction, but it gave him an idea. As an enthusiast, if he looked for cars that he would like to own and drive, they might be sought after by other successful collectors. This led to a chain reaction of ever increasing sales and larger inventory of Vipers, Corvettes, Shelbys and race cars. With the return of the Ford GT in 2004, it quickly became a mainstay of their operations. Ford is limiting the new GT production to a reported 500 cars for the first two years of production, so we asked Marv for his perspective on the market.

Several aspects of the new GT will separate it from its predecessor. Ford required all potential buyers to go through an application process. Mr. Rose is always looking for a new centerpiece for the dealership, so he applied for purchase along with 6,500 Ford fans. We didn’t know the manufacturer imposed a two year embargo on resale. In order to take delivery of your car, Ford Motor Company has first right of refusal if you become bored with the 600 hp carbon fiber masterpiece. With dealers tacking on “market adjustments” he predicts to see prices over $500,000.

Intense Inventory

Marv said what we have been noticing for years. No car in recent history has been a better investment than the Ford GT. Special editions like the Gulf heritage package and the GTX1 have made windfall profits for owners and collectors who stored them away. If you feel like you won’t be one of the chosen new owners, the team at American Supercars have an impressive inventory to choose from. Thank you to Marv Rose for the op-ed, and stay tuned to Autofluence for more industry insights. For more information on their inventory, check out their new website by clicking the button below.

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