On a daily basis, we are beginning to hear more about artificial intelligence than ever. Now, we have access to language models and chatbots that are able to answer an impressive variance of questions we might have, and we thought that with the world of information at its fingertips, we thought that AI might have the objective answer to the hotly-debated question of what the best luxury car is costing under $100,000.

To answer this question, we asked Google’s Bard chatbot, which given the prompt “Could you rank the 10 best new luxury cars under $100,000 based on features, performance, and technology, and give a brief explanation as to why you picked each?” answered with a group of strong contenders in the luxury sedan segment. However, Google does give the disclaimer that Bard users should “Use discretion before relying on… content provided by the Services,” so there is definitely room to agree or disagree with the AI’s ranking, and even point out a few mistakes it’s made in gathering information. Despite its apparent flaws, the AI definitely helped us narrow down some excellent luxury cars.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

10. 2023 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The AI’s ranking starts with a popular, tried-and-true entry. When it comes to luxury cars, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a surefire success with elegant style, luxurious appointments, and a variety of powertrains, technology options, and other great features.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

9. “2023” Lincoln Continental

Here’s where the AI runs into a bit of a hiccup, and that’s because the 2023 Lincoln Continental doesn’t exist. Choosing instead to focus on SUV production, Lincoln actually discontinued production of the Continental after the 2020 model year. That’s an unfortunate fact, as the Continental was a stylish luxury sedan with plenty of creature comforts and high-tech features.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

8. 2023 Lexus LS

The Lexus LS shook up the luxury car industry as it, and the Lexus brand as a whole was introduced in 1989. Today, it remains one of the most impressive luxury cars you can buy, with lots of standard features and an elegant silhouette.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

7. “2023” Jaguar XJ

Here’s another hiccup. Jaguar discontinued its flagship XJ luxury sedan after the 2019 model year. It was quite an elegant car, and remains today one of the most elegant Jaguar models made. It was supposed to be replaced by an electric version, which unfortunately was shelved.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

6. “2023” Cadillac CT6

Unfortunately, this is yet another mistake, as the Cadillac CT6 was discontinued in the States after the 2020 model year. However, as one of the most important names in American automotive luxury, the CT6 played an important role in Cadillac’s legacy and excelled with high performance, elegant design, and plenty of luxury features.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

5. 2023 BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series is one of the quintessential executive sedans, with a handsome look, luxurious appointments, and BMW’s signature driving character. In fact, the newly-revealed 5 Series introduces the first-ever all-electric version of the model, as well.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

4. 2023 Audi A6

Audi’s staple A6 boasts an understated silhouette, all-wheel drive, and a range of powertrains that make it a luxury car that is comfortable, relaxing, elegant, and fun to drive all in one.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

3. “2023” Acura RLX

This is the AI’s fourth mistake, as the Acura RLX was discontinued after the 2020 model year. However, with features like all-wheel steering, an available hybrid powertrain, and more, it was an excellent luxury sedan choice when it was available to buy new.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

2. 2023 BMW 7 Series

BMW’s iconic flagship sedan has a long history, and the latest version continues its legacy of impressive size, unmistakable design, and impressive luxury features like the Theater Screen, as well as the all-electric BMW i7, which offers the most power the 7 Series has had yet.

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AI Ranks luxury cars

Honorable Mention: 2023 Volvo S90

Although it was included in the list, the Volvo S90 wasn't assigned a number by the AI, and it certainly does deserve a spot for its unique Scandinavian style, minimalistic elegance, and luxury to rival many of the greats.

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AI Ranks Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

1. 2023 Genesis G90

Genesis is relatively new to the luxury car world, but it is certainly not a name to be underestimated. Sumptuous appointments and futuristic design have made its entire model lineup shine in a contentious arena of luxury cars made by manufacturers with much longer-standing histories, and the value and lack of compromise in the G90 make it shine.

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