For a couple of years, we've been following the story of a father and son team building their own Lamborghini. To be a bit more specific, they are 3D printing a Lamborghini Aventador SV. The duo's story has made headlines and even caught the eye of Lamborghini who made a commercial with them. Now, the YouTube channel 3D Printing Nerd has uploaded a video of his visit to the garage where the Lamborghini is being built and was given a deep dive into the inner workings of the 3D-printed supercar.

In the video, there were quite a few interesting tidbits that the father, Sterling, divulges. For the body parts, Sterling 3D printed each of the panels and encapsulated them with carbon fiber through a vacuum sealing process. By doing this, the body is not only incredibly strong, but the PLA will not melt during the hotter months. 

For me, my favorite point about this creation is Lamborghini's involvement. While some companies might cry foul at someone recreating one of their products, Lamborghini was actually excited about the project. So much so, in fact, that they helped out in multiple ways. Those headlights you see look quite similar to a real Aventador, don't they? Well, those were actually donated by Lamborghini and are genuine Aventador headlights. Also, the steering wheel was donated by Lamborghini and features the only 'raging bull' badge on the entire car.

Be sure to check out the video up above to learn all of the interesting facts about this wonderful creation. 

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