Monterey Car Week is an attraction that brings nearly 80,000 people to beautiful Monterey, California for one week of the year with one purpose: to enjoy all things the automotive world has to offer for seven days. For years now, Monterey Car Week has become a must-visit pilgrimage for anyone with a passion for cars, and as with any successful event, it has grown impressively in scope and size, becoming the most important week for automotive enthusiasts in the world. However, with this growth has also come a discernible shift upwards in ticket pricing and exclusivity of events, to the point that many events have become so exclusive and corporate-focused that they are inaccessible to the average car enthusiast.


As passionate car people themselves, and with over a decade of experience organizing car events during Car Week, as well as the now infamous Hypercar Invitational, a team of friends got together to create an entirely new concept that could incorporate some aspects of Car Week events that they felt could be improved on. The team wanted to create an event that could offer a truly interactive and accessible sort of experience for all enthusiasts while showcasing some of the coolest automotive and technology brands, and also supporting many of Monterey’s local businesses. The idea was to create a multi-day festival environment in a beautiful location with easy parking, offering the best in local food and evening musical entertainment. Lastly, one ticket should offer return access to the show each day, encouraging attendees to come back to enjoy a rotating series of events, workshops, interviews, technology demonstrations, and different cars.

After years worth of planning focused on ensuring that the event could benefit as many elements of the local community as possible, and bringing together all the relevant municipal entities, in time for Car Week 2023, this new event is ready to launch. The concept is called Monterey Motorsports Festival, or MMF for short. From Thursday, August 17th, to Saturday, August 19th of this year, automotive and mobility brands, as well as manufacturers, collectors, and spectators, and of course enthusiasts can come to enjoy not only car collections and manufacturer showcases, but also the best in local food, entertainment, and evening music, all in one place.

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For the first time ever, the Monterey County Fairgrounds and Event Center will play host to a major Car Week event. The Fairgrounds is a gorgeous setting over 22-acre tree-lined lawns and historic buildings in the center of Monterey, lit and decorated to maximize a car’s beauty all the way into the golden California summer sunsets until 10 pm each evening. One entry ticket offers enthusiasts access to an incredible automotive and technology extravaganza from 11 am to 10 pm each day. Easy-access On-site parking will be available, as well as professionally organized logistics, 24-hour security, and dedicated access for featured vehicles to enter and exit the property. Monterey Motorsports Festival plans to add a new and exciting angle to this year's Monterey Car Week, a true home for enthusiasts to spend time, even as they leave to go visit other shows around the peninsula, they have a place to come back to for relaxation, food, and entertainment.


But the team wasn't done yet. The full actualization of the dream included adding a dynamic component to the show. So, in close collaboration with the newly repaved and constructed Laguna Seca facility, MMF will soon be announcing a special opportunity for its collectors and sponsor brands to be able to partake in some of Sunday's "Community and Hillclimb Day" on August 20th. While details are yet to be announced, the word on the street is for the first time ever at a Car Week event, participation will include some very special track time in front of the Sunday Laguna Seca crowds.

While we wait for word from the MMF team on this, as well as the list of events on the calendar which will soon be announced, we welcome this fresh take on Car Week activities and can't wait to see what Monterey Motorsports Festival will offer.

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