Whether it was a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or even a Pagani, many ultimate dream cars for enthusiasts all over the world have had V12 engines snarling under their hoods. Even some of the greatest luxury cars and grand tourers employed the use of the engine. But as time has passed, it seems like the automotive industry has had no choice but to evolve, leaving engines like the V12 in the past.

Of course, those aspirational vehicles that we lock onto at a young age often change or become discontinued by the time we grow up and are finally able to own them. Still, the V12 fading into the rearview feels different.

210003 car new v12

Ferrari 812 Superfast Competizione

The industry is at a crucial turning point, with electric and hybrid cars showing their performative ability and changing the landscape of engineering and design conventions. Don’t get us wrong: This progression is great. However, it’s impossible to deny the bittersweet nature that many of the cars we love the most, and one of the key components that makes them so great, is going away. If you have your eyes on one, there is no better time to buy a V12-powered vehicle than right now.

For starters, it will soon be very difficult to get your hands on even a used model with a V12 under the hood. The simple fact that so many enthusiasts have dreamt of owning a V12 car indicates scarcity will become an issue, leading to a rise in value. Decades from now, V12 engines are sure to be the stars of international auto shows and concours events.

pagani utopia 4

Pagani Utopia

Already, we’ve seen manufacturers wave goodbye to the V12 within their lineups, and the ones that haven’t done so yet are undoubtedly close to pulling the plug on those amazing engines. The V12’s decades-long history has shaped the world of driving as we know it. In this sense, owning such a car ought to be considered a noble pursuit in that you are preserving automotive history. While the V12 might be slipping away, our love for it certainly won’t, and while we doubt you’d need much convincing to buy one, we think it’s a wise decision.

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