The Exotic South African Boerboel is an incredible canine companion that has been bred to be the ultimate family guardian. Standing at just under 3 feet tall when measured from ground level up to its shoulders, the South African Boerboel breed – is the perfect size for protection, and that is not to mention its enormous strength too.

In 2007 when we became South African Boerboel breeders we did so because we loved the breed’s unique physique and awesome personality. But for us, our number one goal is to supply high-quality puppies to animal-loving families who appreciate this beautiful, majestic breed. Near;y twenty years later, our goals have not wavered. We remain committed to breeding Boerboels for families. 

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At Exotic Boerboels we firmly believe that a South African Boerboel's place is with a family. We just don't breed these dogs for profit. We genuinely care who they go home with. Because of our commitment to the breed we are extremely selective of who we entrust our dogs to. We want people who will love them just as much as we do and sell breeder dogs only when our strict criteria and conditions are met.

Owning a dog isn’t easy (we can definitely attest to that). But owning a Boerboel is a life-changing experience. Like children, once they are in your life, you won’t remember the times before. We take pride in selling the highest quality Boerboels in the nation and look forward to spreading the joy that only a South African Boerboel puppy can manifest. 

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