Since its public unveiling back in 2021 as the Concept One's successor, the Rimac Nevera has proven itself as one of the quickest and most powerful production cars ever. Last year, I had the opportunity to drive its mechanical sibling, the Pininfarina Battista, a car that left me utterly speechless with its on-road performance. These high-horsepower EVs are like nothing else in their class. 

How much horsepower, you ask? The Nevera develops 1,914 hp and 1,741 lb-ft of torque from four liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motors, one for each wheel. A single-speed automatic transmission routes that massive output to the ground. This translates into a 1.85 second 0-60 time and a 258 mph top speed. 

The Nevera has a 4,739-lb curb weight, thanks largely to its hefty 120 kWh battery pack. However, its size supplements more than just the car's performance, in its most efficient mode, Rimac's second production car delivers up to 287 miles of electric range and can charge in as quick as 22 minutes using a DC fast charger. 

Rimac plans to build just 150 Neveras, of which one is currently listed for sale on duPont REGISTRY by Lamborghini Palm Beach, which is also an official Rimac dealer. The car is currently listed for sale at $2,257,000. It is likely the only Nevera available anywhere, as the Croatian carmaker has only recently begun customer deliveries. 

All hypercars are quick and powerful, but if the Rimac Nevera and cars like it have taught us anything, it's that there's a whole new level of speed we're just now beginning to unlock.

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