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Now that the luxury and supercar segments seemingly offer more limited edition models than Toyota does Corollas, it's hard to truly get something unique, even when spending close to seven figures. Most of these runs consist of about 1000 or so units, usually based on a regular production model with an added twist. The 2018 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf, on the other hand, is anything but ordinary.

Built by Lagona, Aston Martin's in-house ultra-luxury brand, the Taraf is technically not an Aston Martin. Look around its exterior or interior, and you'll only find Ladonda badges, albeit with a very familiar set of wings behind the name. This is not to be confused with the Aston Martin Lagonda of the 70s and 80s, which was a full-fledged AM. Confusing? Things only get stranger from here.

In 2008, rumors surfaced that Aston Martin would revive the Lagonda brand to produce cars that would be more usable year-round, particularly for clients in harsher climates. The marque's first signs of life came in 2009 when Aston Martin debuted its Lagonda SUV concept during that year's Geneva Motor Show. Spectators loathed its design, so it never left the concept phase.

Flash forward to 2010 when Aston Martin revives the Rapide name for its new four-door sedan. The original Rapide was actually a Lagonda, an Aston Martin DB4-based grand tourer. While the new Rapide intended to open up new markets for the British carmaker, it also laid the foundation for the stunningly gorgeous Taraf.

Aston Martin positioned the Lagonda Taraf as the world's best and most expensive car. When new, a Taraf would set you back around $1 million, making it significantly more expensive than any Rolls-Royce or Bentley of that time. Thus, Aston Martin designed it as a middle-east exclusive model, perhaps the only place in the world where selling a seven-figure luxury sedan should be relatively easy. However, as production began, the brand added plans to sell it in Europe and North America.

Although Aston Martin planned to limit the Lagonda Taraf to just 200 units globally, only 120 found homes during its production run. To date, it is still the latest model to wear the Lagonda badge. Technicalities aside, it is still very much an Aston Martin, mostly a Rapide, to be exact.

Under the Taraf's hood lives a naturally aspirated 5.9-liter V12, delivering 540 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. That's the same AM11 engine out of the, you guessed it, the Rapide. This opulent sedan also rides on AM's VH platform, which also underpinned the Rapide. Thus it shares the same ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and rear drive layout.

Specs, stats, and price almost don't matter, though, because look at it. The Taraf has to be one of the best-looking sedans ever produced. Although its silhouette pays tribute to the 80s Lagonda, it is unmistakably modern. Aston Martin's Q division first penned the Taraf in 2014, making this a nearly decade-old design. Yet, this ultra-rare sedan looks like it could've debuted yesterday.

This particular example for sale at O'Gara Coach Beverly Hills Aston Martin sports a black satin finish covering its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic panels, and a tan, almost orange leather interior to contrast. It’s equal parts stealthy and classy.

There's also much to be said about its rarity. At 120 units produced, this Taraf is currently the only one for sale in North America. While it was never formally sold here, it's still legal to drive thanks to the NHTSA's show or display rule, which grants up to 2,500 miles per year. Thus you get one of the rarest ultra-luxury sedans ever that you can technically drive around legally.

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