These amazing cars form a play in three acts.

McLaren has made some incredible machines, whether it’s making the world’s fastest production car in its time, helping push the performance car world forward with daring innovation, or just creating an incredibly fast, entertaining, lightweight, beautiful car. The most exclusive, rare, and celebrated cars from McLaren are hard to get your hands on and amazing just to lay eyes on. Imagine this, though: three of McLaren’s rarest models, all available for sale at the same dealership. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, because at O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills, California, it’s a real situation. All available for sale are some of the greatest McLarens ever made.

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2015 McLaren P1 GTR

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The first is the legendary “Holy Trinity” hypercar, the McLaren P1. Its use of a hybrid powertrain in the early 2010s helped push performance forward across the board, and now hypercars, supercars, and even other performance vehicles throughout the industry are following its lead and taking heed of its incredible innovation. Only 439 of these beautiful machines were ever made, and this stunning example isn’t just any McLaren P1, either. It’s a P1 GTR, just one of 58.

2021 McLaren Elva

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The second is an example of the beautiful and unique McLaren Elva. Part of the brand’s Ultimate series of cars, the car is like no other with its roofless and windshield-less barchetta silhouette. One of just 149, it oozes with classic racing heritage, avant garde style, and futuristic innovation all at the same time.

2020 McLaren Sabre

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The final McLaren featured at O’Gara coach is also the rarest: the McLaren Sabre. Developed by McLaren Special Operations, or MSO, this incredibly exclusive and unique vehicle is part of a run of only 16 units. Its striking, color-shifting paintwork is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how unique, stunning, and bespoke this vehicle is.

All available at O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills, it’s a rare event that these cars are in the same place together, let alone all available for sale.