There’s nothing like the exhilaration of acceleration.

For many car enthusiasts, a drag race provides a great test of the ability of both a car and its driver, and the feeling of getting sent to incredible speeds by an amazing performance car in a straight line can provide an irresistible joy and shot of adrenaline. Especially with the performance cars available today, with the help of things like advanced launch control and more power than ever, a drag race can be both amazingly intense and tons of fun. That’s why YouTube channel Sam CarLegion brought together three incredible and iconic performance cars: the Audi RS 5, the Mercedes-AMG GT S, and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

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The three cars are all renowned for their incredible engineering and dedication to performance, and while they use different approaches, they make great rivals on the drag strip. From a standing start, the Audi RS 5 was able to pull ahead with its quattro all-wheel drive, being able to intelligently deliver power to all four wheels to get an advantageous start from a standstill. However, once the group switched to doing rolling races, the GT500 and the Mercedes-AMG GT S came out ahead. However, the more lightweight AMG GT S won the rolling races. All three cars are incredible examples of engineering and performance, and while acceleration is just one measure of that, it sure is a fun one to watch.

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Source: YouTube/Sam CarLegion