Own one of the most exclusive Mercedes-AMG GTs ever.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series takes an incredible German performance car and ups the ante even more, ridding itself of unnecessary weight and adding track-focused aerodynamics, power, and racing-ready looks to the car, turning it into an undeniable performance beast, and one of the most unique and desirable machines currently in the automotive world. However, Mercedes still had a trick up its sleeve to make the car even more special.

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What makes the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Project ONE Edition so special?

Stating the obvious, the Project ONE Edition of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series features an incredibly special livery, with a gradient going from silver in the front to black in the rear and a pattern of Mercedes-Benz 3-pointed stars throughout. The unique livery is inspired by the F1 cars of the AMG-Petronas F1 team, and the same goes for the car’s track-ready performance.

However much of the exclusivity is thanks to the fact that the car is limited to just 275 examples, making it one of the rarest Mercedes-AMG GTs ever made, but there’s an even greater layer of exclusivity to the car: it was only made available from Mercedes-Benz to those who purchased the anticipated Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, hence the name. That’s right, the opportunity to own this incredible performance car was only given to those who already owned the closely F1-derived hypercar with its revolutionary hybrid powertrain and otherworldly performance, and since the Mercedes-AMG ONE is sold out, this opportunity to own one of the 275 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Project ONE Editions in existence may well be the only opportunity that there ever will be.

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