This Renn Sport Porsche features bright green and brash performance.

The Porsche 991 911 GT3 RS is quite a formidable machine. At the time of its introduction, it featured the most performance Porsche could squeeze out of its naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine, paired with brutal weight-saving measures and track-focused aerodynamics with no compromises. All that coming together resulted in a truly excellent car, and this example of the 911 GT3 RS for sale is certainly not one to miss.

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With its Lizard Green exterior paintwork, it’s hard to miss in the first place. The color, while shocking serves as the perfect contrast to the black accents, black wheels, and exposed carbon fiber throughout. Much of the exposed carbon is thanks to the fact that this car comes equipped with Porsche’s available Weissach package, taking the car to further heights with an exposed carbon hood and more aggressive, track-focused appointments throughout. Open the doors and you’ll be greeted to an interior that matches the exterior in its black and green color and sporty character. However, the real magic starts when the engine comes to life, as not only does this car promise unforgettably excellent track performance, but this specific one for sale has been customized with a cat back exhaust, enhancing the amazing and unique flat-6 engine note. This 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS for sale at Atlantis Motor Group on duPont REGISTRY is an incredible example of an incredible car. View the price and listing by clicking below.

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