Porsche introduces an online service for classic car owners that helps to illustrate a vehicle’s history.

Buying a classic car can be a real labor of love. While the idea of adding a vintage model sounds like a dream on the surface, classics (and even more recent used cars) can come with plenty of headaches when it comes to ownership.

Just think about it: You’re buying a car and trusting that anyone who owned it before you took proper care of it — that can be a big risk to take. Of course, it helps when you find a meticulous owner who keeps careful documentation of the car’s history, from the original window sticker to a detailed record of all the service and maintenance that has been done, but even for car enthusiasts, finding a vehicle that has been maintained like that can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Porsche, a brand whose classics are among the automotive world’s most desired, has a new solution. Recently, the brand introduced an online service through which owners can access a detailed archive of documentation on their cars. With the service, classic Porsche owners are able to retrieve two types of important records on their vehicles that allow for more authentic restorations, as well as efficient and thorough maintenance. An added perk: Detailed documentation on the history of a classic Porsche is always great to have on hand at events and car shows.

The first record is a Porsche Production Specification (PPS) document, which outlines the original exterior and interior colors, options, powertrain and drivetrain specifications, production date, and MSRP. It’s available for all Porsche VINs for $125. The second record that owners can obtain is the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate (CTC). It includes an inspection from a Porsche technical expert that goes into great detail, and indicates if original parts have been replaced. It’s only available from a Porsche Classic Partner or a qualified Porsche dealer for models as new as the first-generation Cayenne and starts at $500.

With these nascent services, classic Porsche ownership got much easier — and even more enticing.