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The sales figures following the launch of the Ford Mustang in April of 1964 were nothing short of a phenomenon. Eighteen months into production, sales would reach nearly one million. Instead of waiting for the 'bubble to burst,' Lee Iacocca worked on the 'win on Sunday, sell on Monday' formula. Although a sales success, the early Mustangs were not the epitome of Total Performance, especially since this pony car was based on Ford's old economy car the Falcon. By this point in history, Carroll Shelby was known, trusted, and respected by Ford, thanks to his efforts in engineering the successful Cobra projects. In December 1964, the Sports Car Championship of America accepted the GT-350 into B-Production Racing. The Shelby GT-350 was unveiled by Shelby on January 27th of 1965 and during its racing career, the GT350 delivered three SCCA B-Production Championships in 1965-1967 for Ford. January 1965 was a busy month for Shelby America as Ford turned the GT-40 project over to him and two months later the company moved to the Los Angeles Airport facility for continued GT-350 production. The GT-350 began life as a White Mustang 2+2 delivered initially to Carroll Shelby's shop in Venice California from Ford's San Jose California Plant.

From the collection of Mr. Barry Amsdell, Boca Raton, Florida. Purchased used in 2020 from a West Chester, Pennsylvania dealer. Mileage at the time of the 2020 purchase is unknown. Prior owner's records include parts receipts, restoration services invoices and numerous photos during and after restoration. No current service records are available for this Lot. Miscellaneous parts to accompany this Lot.

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